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Oct 27



In this meeting, we'll discuss additional topics in Philosophy of Time. We'll conclude our discussion of how to formulate 3Dism and 4Dism, then we'll look at how we might combine views of persistence with other views about tense and about Ontology related to time. If we have time, we'll discuss the Problem of Change Over Time.

This week's required reading:

Merricks - On The Incompatibility of Enduring and Perduring Entities
Download PDF • 379KB

Here is a collection of optional papers on The Problem of Change over Time. Because we've covered the general problem of change, and the relativizing responses and four-dimensionalist responses, in my discussion of it I will focus especially on Jeff Brower's Constituent Solution.

Zimmerman - Temporary Intrinsics and Presentism
Download PDF • 177KB

Haslanger 2003 - Persistence Through TIme
Download PDF • 6.32MB

Brower - Aristotelian Endurantism
Download PDF • 170KB

Spencer - A Tale of Two Simples
Download PDF • 162KB

Sider - The Stage View and Temporary Intrinsics
Download PDF • 100KB

Hawley - Why Temporary Properties are not Relations
Download PDF • 106KB


Shortly after this meeting, your paper proposals will be due. Paper proposals should be emailed to me by Sunday, October 30th, by 5pm. More info from the syllabus:

Your proposals should be around 1,000 words, and I welcome a document in the form of a padded outline. Your proposal should at a minimum provide the following:

  • A statement of the main thesis that you intend to defend.

  • Explanation of the background that is necessary for understanding what that thesis says, and why it is intellectually interesting. (What debates would this thesis advance, if it is true?)

  • An outline of the argument you intend to give for this thesis.

It is perfectly fine for your ideas to change from what your proposal says: your proposal is in no way a binding commitment. But you should turn in something that is a genuinely useful step toward the final project.

Here's a taxonomy of views about change over time. If you have suggestions for improvements I would love to hear them!

Be Ready to Present:

  • Xiangyuan Chi

  • Julia Nichols

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