Nov 3



We will have special guest lecturers for today's class! Paul Hovda (Reed) and Michael Nelson (UC Riverside) will discuss mereology in connection with combining Presentism with various views of persistence.

This week's required reading:

Merricks - On The Incompatibility of Enduring and Perduring Entities
Download PDF • 379KB

Additional, optional papers:

Hovda - Tensed Mereology
Download PDF • 495KB

Brogaard - Presentist Four-Dimensionalism
Download PDF • 1.29MB

Kleinschmidt - Presentist Perdurance and Parthood
Download PDF • 589KB

Mitchell-Yellin and Nelson - S5 for Aristotelian Actualists
Download PDF • 405KB


Next week you'll present your paper proposals in class.

No Presentations!

We'll spend the whole meeting on this week's topic!