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Oct 20



Last time we didn't get to discuss how overlap should be informed by (or should inform) our views about extended simples. So we'll do that for the first half of class this week. Then we'll focus on the topic of how to formulate Three-Dimensionalism and Four-Dimensionalism. We will be interested in how potential formulations of views of persistence relate back to the mereological and locative issues we've covered.

This week's assigned reading:

Magidor - Endurantism vs Perdurantism A Debate Reconsidered
Download PDF • 185KB

Additional, optional papers:

Sider - Three- and Four-Dimensionalism Stated
Download PDF • 246KB

Hawthorne - Three-Dimensionalism
Download PDF • 292KB

Wasserman - Theories Of Persistence
Download PDF • 372KB

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