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Sep 29



This week we'll discuss conflicts between minimal mereology and the possibility of multilocation. I'll also discuss a similar conflict between axioms about fundamentality and the possibility of multilocation. This is also relevant for the possibility of three-dimensionally persisting objects, if we think those are best understood in terms of multilocation.

Required reading for this week:.

Gilmore - Why Parthood Might Be a Four-Place Relation
Download PDF • 300KB

Additional, optional papers (and I'll add to this):

Effingham and Robson - A Mereological Challenge to Endurantism
Download PDF • 74KB

Eagle - Multiple Location Defended
Download PDF • 453KB

Mooney - Multilocation Without Time Travel
Download PDF • 545KB

Smid - The Aleph and Other Alleged Mereological Curiosities
Download PDF • 1.24MB

Of Interest

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  • Julia Nichols

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