Nov 10



I'll introduce Decompositional Plenitude, and discuss how it relates to the Problem of the Many, Russell's Paradox, Hylomorphism, the Problem of Change Over Time, and liberalism about what kinds of objects can exist. I'll also connect the view with a fusion-first mereology.

This week's required reading:

Unger - The Problem of the Many
Download PDF • 3.89MB

Additional, optional papers:

Uzquiano - A Neglected Resolution of Russell's Paradox of Propositions
Download PDF • 141KB

Fairchild - A Paradox of Matter and Form
Download PDF • 134KB

Bennett 2011 - Having a Part Twice Over
Download PDF • 649KB

Of Interest

Reminder: Come prepared to discuss your paper proposals during today's class! You do not need a polished presentation, but you should give us a good idea of what you have in mind. Use your time in the way that will most benefit you for beginning to draft the paper. I recommend giving us some kind of handout, even if it a very bare outline or a collection of questions you have in mind. If there's something you're struggling with, like how to organize the paper or what to include, this is an excellent time to brainstorm with the group about that stuff!

Everyone Presents!

Today everyone will present their paper proposals.