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Oct 6



I'll briefly cover the problem of material constitution, and give an overview of responses. Our focus will be on how our views about overlap should be informed by (or should inform) our views about extended simples.

This week's required reading:

Markosian - The Right Stuff
Download PDF • 202KB

Additional, optional papers:

Burke - Preserving the Principle of One Object to a Place
Download PDF • 885KB

Thomson - The Statue and The Clay
Download PDF • 90KB

Rea - The Problem of Material Constitution
Download PDF • 2.19MB

Bennett - Spatiotemporal Coincidence and the Grounding Problem
Download PDF • 176KB


Here is a taxonomy of views of material coincidence:

Next week, October 13th, we will not have a class meeting because it will be fall break. I hope everyone has fun!!

Be Ready to Present:

  • Grace Atkins

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