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Course Description:

Both ordinary and scientific discourse are full of talk about space and time. But do space and time really exist? If they do, what features do they have? And how do these features relate to the features we commonly treat them as having? In this course we will look at the development of scientific and philosophical debate about space, time, and spacetime, and examine the conflicts between our ordinary picture of where and when with modern scientific conceptions of them.

There are two central aims of this course. The first is to give you an overview of issues involving space and time, with the aim of providing a foundation for further critical study. The second aim of the course is to teach you both empirical and a priori methods for investigating these issues, as well as to provide a basis for understanding the contemporary debate about the methodology for both scientific and philosophical investigation of these topics.


Instructor Information:

Shieva Kleinschmidt

Office: Stonier Hall, 226