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Class Schedule (subject to significant change – check back):

August                 22        Logistics
August                 24        Logistics CTD

August                 29        Logic - Claims
August                 31        Logic - Connectives

September          5          --- No Class: Labor Day ---
September          7          Logic - Features of Arguments

September          12        Synchronic Personal Identity: Taylor, ch. 2
September          14        Synchronic Personal Identity CTD

September          19        Synchronic Personal Identity CTD
September          21        Synchronic Personal Identity Conclusion, Mark of the Mental

September          26        ---Exam---
September          28        Diachronic Personal Identity Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Personal Identity (here)

October               3          Diachronic Personal Identity CTD
October               5          Diachronic Personal Identity: Casati and Varzi: Brain Transplant: P. 1, P. 2

October               10        Diachronic Personal Identity and Fission
October               12        Diachronic Personal Identity and Teletransportation

October               17        Diachronic Personal Identity and Vagueness
October               19        Freedom and Determinism:  Taylor, ch. 5

October               24        Freedom and Determinism: For Causal Determinism
October               26        ---Exam---

October               31        Freedom and Determinism: For Incompatibilism
November           2          Freedom and Determinism: For Free Will

November           7          Freedom and Determinism: Frankfurt Cases against Incompatibilism
November           9          Freedom and Determinism: Against Determinism and Indeterminacy

November           14        Epistemology:  What is knowledge? Gettier’s “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?" (here) 
November           16        Epistemology:  What is knowledge? CTD 

November           21        Epistemology:  Skepticism Intro, Descartes’ Meditations - only the 1st is assigned (here)
November           23       ---No Class---

November           28        Epistemology:  Arguments for Skepticism  
November           30        Philosophy of Fiction - Maegan Fairchild Guest Presentation

December           9         ---FINAL EXAM--- (2pm – 4pm, in our classroom)