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Course Description:

We will look at a variety of debates in Philosophy of Religion.  We will begin by looking at arguments for the existence of God, including the Cosmological Argument (appealing to the existence of God to explain the existence of contingent things), the Ontological Argument (taking the existence of God to follow from what it means to be God), and the Teleological Argument (taking the existence of God to be the best explanation for the “fine-tuning” of the universe).  Then we will turn to examining arguments against the existence of God, focusing on the Problem of Evil and Divine Hiddenness.  Along the way we will examine a number of related questions, such as questions of what ethical responsibility requires, whether things (like God) can have free will, and whether everything must have an explanation.  We will conclude by discussing a few other topics in Philosophy of Religion, including Pascal’s Wager, the puzzle of the Trinity, and petitionary prayer.

You will also learn (if you haven't already) how to formulate and explain claims, and how to extract, explain, and evaluate arguments.


Instructor Information:

Shieva Kleinschmidt

Office Hours: NA