Application Materials

Periodically I apply for things (jobs, grants, etc). Here are the materials that give a more thorough picture of my research, teaching, and service.

Overview of Research:
          CV (doc/pdf)
          Research Statement (doc/pdf)
                   General Audience Version - 2.5 pages: doc/pdf
                   General Audience Version - 4.5 pages: doc/pdf
Current Book Projects (pdf)
Paper Abstracts (doc/pdf/html)

Overview of Teaching and Service:
          Teaching Statement (doc/pdf)
          Diversity Statement (doc/pdf)
          Service Statement (doc/pdf)

Overview of Parts Across Space and Time, under contract with OUP (doc/pdf)
                   (Short Version: doc/pdf)

          Forthcoming: "Fusion First" (doc/pdf)
Forthcoming: "Simple Trinitarianism and Empty Names" (doc/pdf)
          Forthcoming: "The Experiential Problem for Petitionary Prayer" (doc/pdf)
2017: "At It Again: Time-Travel and Motion"(doc/pdf)

          2017: "Atheistic Prayer" (doc/pdf)
          2017: "Extensionality of Proper Part Containment" (doc/pdf)
          2017: "Refining Four-Dimensionalism" (doc/pdf/audio)
2016: "Placement Permissivism and Logics of Location" (doc/pdf/audio)

2016: "Simple Trinitarianism and Feature-Placing Sentences" (doc/pdf/audio)

2015: "Fundamentality and Time-Travel" (doc/pdf)
          2015: "Shaping Up Location: Against the Humean Argument for the Extrinsicality of Shape" (doc/pdf/audio)

2014: Chapter 1 of Mereology and Location, edited for OUP (doc/pdf)
          2013: "Reasoning Without the Principle of Sufficient Reason" (doc/pdf)
          2012: "Repeatable Artwork Sentences and Generics" - with Jake Ross (doc/pdf)
          2012: "Many-One Identity and the Trinity" (doc/pdf/audio)
          2011: "Multilocation and Mereology" (doc/pdf/audio)
          2007: "Some Things About Stuff" (doc/pdf)

          "The Overlap Problem" (doc/pdf)
          "Decompositional Plenitude" (doc/pdf)
          "Presentist Perdurance and Parthood"
          "Hylomorphic Change" - with Maegan Fairchild
          "Conditional Desires" (doc/pdf)

          Summary of Evaluation Scores from 2011-2017 (doc/pdf)
          Selected Comments from Teaching Evaluations (doc/pdf)
amples of Teaching:
                   Properties Conclusion, Repeatable Artworks Intro (Video - September 17, 2019)
                   The Metaphysics of Straws and Topics in Ontology (Video - September 3, 2019)
                   Presentation to high-school MathCamp attendees, on the Problem of Change (Video - 2014)
          Samples of Teaching Materials:
                   Hyperspace Lecture Powerpoint (ppt) and Lecture Notes (doc/pdf)
                   Diachronic Personal Identity Lecture Notes (doc/pdf)
Temporary Intrinsics Handout (doc/pdf)

                   Logic Handout (doc/pdf)
                   Materialism Handout (doc/pdf)
                   Non-Cumulative Final for Phil 130 (doc/pdf)
          Grant: USC's Interdisciplinary Teaching Program, 2019
          The Center for Excellence in Teaching New Faculty Institute: 2018-2019
he Philosophy as a Way of Life Network: 2019-2021

          100-Level: History of Ancient Philosophy (doc/pdf) (website)
100-Level: The Physical World and Our Place In It (doc/pdf) (website)
100-Level: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (doc/pdf) (website)
          100-Level: Introduction to Philosophy Through Film (website)
          200-Level: Issues in Space and Time (from 2014 - doc/pdf) (proposed - doc/pdf) (website)
          200-Level: Knowledge, Explanation, and the Cosmos (website)
          300-Level: Metaphysics and Epistemology (website)
          500-Level: Pedagogy Seminar (website)
500-Level: Metaphysics Seminar (doc/pdf)

Evaluations for All Courses Taught at USC through 2017 (when USC was still using evaluations):

Evaluations in one document, in reverse-chronological order (pdf)

          Fall 2017
                   Phil 236

Spring 2017
                   Phil 236
Phil 104

Fall 2016

                   Phil 130

Spring 2016
                   Phil 560
Phil 460
Fall 2015
                   Phil 130

          Spring 2015
                   Phil 286
ARLT 100

          Fall 2014
                   (sabbatical semester)
          Spring 2014
                    Phil 286
          Fall 2013
                   Phil 560
Phil 285

          Spring 2013
                   Phil 460
Phil 286

          Fall 2012
                   Phil 285
ARLT 100

          Spring 2012
                   Phil 560

          Fall 2011
                   Phil 360
ARLT 100


          Director of Undergraduate Studies Documents for Students
          - Advice for Undergraduates
          - Applying for Departmental Approval for External Credit

          Websites for selected conferences I've organized:
          - 7th California Metaphysics Conference, on Social Metaphysics, USC 2018
          - 6th California Metaphysics Conference, on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion, USC 2017
          - 5th California Metaphysics Conference, on Parthood, USC 2016
          - 4th California Metaphysics Conference, on Metaphysics and Logic, USC 2015
          - 3rd California Metaphysics Conference, on Ontology, USC, 2014
          - 2nd California Metaphysics Conference, on Metaphysics and Linguistics, USC 2013
          - 1st California Metaphysics Conference, on Persistence, USC 2012

          - Philosophy of Mathematics Conference, NYU 2009
          - Student Philosophy of Religion Conference, Rutgers 2007
          - Mereology, Topology, and Location Conference, Rutgers 2006

NEH 2016 Application Materials:
          Project Proposal (doc/pdf)
          Abridged CV (doc/pdf)
          Abridged Bibliography (doc/pdf)

Additional Materials from my 2016 Tenure Application:
          Evidence of Teaching Effectivenes Packet (doc/pdf)
          Reverse-Chronological List of Courses (doc/pdf)
          Information on Publication Venues (doc/pdf)

Link to Dropbox Folder with all of these application materials.