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Course Description:

Over two thousand years ago, philosophers were thinking about some of the central topics that we still struggle with today. What are we obligated to do? What kinds of things exist? What makes for a good person, and a good life? How can we have knowledge of the world around us? The ancient greeks developed some striking and sophisticated arguments on these topics that still inform contemporary discussion.

In this course we will study many of the main pre-Socratic philosophers, including Thales, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Zeno and Democritus, as well as Plato (and through him, Socrates) and Aristotle. The focus of this course will be on extracting and evaluating the views and arguments that were presented by these philosophers, while drawing connections to contemporary debates on these topics.


Instructor Information:

Shieva Kleinschmidt

Office: Stonier Hall 226